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Reasons For Preferring Air Cargo

Airways transporting

In international logistics, air cargo is one of the most preferred solutions, particularly for the perishable products or medical devices and materials. Our customers who prefer air cargo are those who manufacture medical devices and products or buy and sell perishable products according to their sectors. Even though air cargo is more expensive than other modes of transportation, it significantly minimizes the risk of timely delivery, loading on the target day and deterioration of the products.

Due to the global epidemic that we have been experiencing in the last 2 years, some sectors have started preferring air cargo. In this process, we are one of the main players in the transportation of medical assistance materials, medical drugs and medical devices to many countries in the world. In addition to our operations, we have become one of the preferred logistics companies in the medical sector thanks to our perspective on the sensitivity of the issues and serving as a bridge for helping people in those countries.

Apart from these sectors, we also receive air cargo requests for product ranges which require urgent delivery and which may suffer instant loss of stocks. We, as Tetalog Transportation, demonstrate the same sensitivity to all our other sectors.

In comparison with the other modes of transportation, air cargo is currently preferred more than ever because it is not affected by adverse weather conditions and busy schedules at customs offices and ports.

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