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What Is The Position Of Tetalog Logıstics In International Transportation?


We are proud of providing high quality services to our customers for many years in the transportation sector, which has become one of the largest sectors along with the rapid development in the global trade networks. We are researching and learning more each and every day in order to respond to the needs of the global world with our methods that will meet the demands and timely delivery, by offering thousands of different product ranges and the most suitable transportation methods to our customers.

With our young and dynamic staff and experienced managers, our purpose is to quality rather than quantity. Therefore, the connection that we have established with our customers is very important for us. We strive to deliver on time and build mutual trust by planning each and every step of the shipment as if we are carrying the shipment for the first time, getting confirmation from our customer and planning the entire process completely according to the demands.

Irrespective of whether the customers that will ship goods for the first time or contact us for the first time prefer us or not; we always pay attention to avoiding sector-based insecurity, by means of informing them about the entire process. Therefore, even if our potential customers do not decide to cooperate with us, we are always here to support them in all of their problems. Thanks to the respect that we have for the work we do and our commitment to our sector, we proceed on our way as a bigger family day by day.

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